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Success is determined more by what you do with your mind than with your body

Posted on November 5, 2012
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Over the years 
we’ve helped our clients implement some huge projects, sometimes transformational.

At times, as we’ve been about to launch a new campaign, brand, ecommerce platform, or other project and we’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with our clients at the edge of a cliff, it’s been terrifying! Yet when the time came to jump, it was liberating, joyful and fulfilling for all concerned. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over time it’s this. Sometimes, when you’re mid way through a project it’s easy to focus on the obstacles and become disheartened or down when things don’t go to plan. But searching out and acknowledging the obstacles you may meet along the way before you do is useful, necessary even, as it helps you to prepare, to make decisions in advance from a calm, non-reactive state.

But what happens when the obstacles or barriers become all you can see? You know, because I’m sure you’ve been there at some time, they become huge and dominating. And what happens if you continue to focus solely on them? They can stop you in your tracks.

This thought struck me one time, as I woke up early in the morning in a mild panic, mid way through a project with a tight deadline and seeing nothing but challenges ahead.

Just because we’re an agency, and we know ’stuff’, it doesn’t mean to say we’re superhumans who never let things get the better of us. (Although there are people out there who think some of us are closely related to Yoda!)

One of my earliest challenges as a young Marketing Director was to pitch a digital proposal to a room of 25 senior managers. I didn’t eat or sleep in the days preceding and I was barely in the right physical state to withstand the nerves of such a big occasion. But I did it and we won the business. How come?

As with all these things, success is determined more by what you do with your mind than with your body. Firstly, you must be in a great state, standing strong, grounded, well hydrated, oxygenated and focussed. 

But focussed on what? The minutae of the presentation? No no no!

 What do you think would happen if you focused too much on the detail of the presentation? Probably fear, nervousness, possible failure? And you would probably appear tense and unnatural. The presentation becomes an ogre, an event you have to ‘get through and survive’ rather than enjoy and relish. 
So where to focus? You focus BEYOND the presentation! On your desired outcome, imagining how great it would be to work with this client. Yes, the presentation may still be touch and you will have prepared the contents thoroughly but with your focus on the end goal you will smash through, hardly noticing your nerves and the faces staring at you.

So next time you wake up in a cold sweat take our advice and focus on the exciting adventure beyond the obstacles and know for sure that NOTHING can block your way!

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